Joachim Michael Feigl is a Photographer and Psychologist. He lives and works in the area of Stuttgart, Germany.


Photography Exhibition

2021 16. Schömberger Fotoherbst (group exhibition)

2020 Rendez-vous Image, Strasbourg, France (group exhibition)

2019 15. Schömberger Fotoherbst (group exhibition)

2019 photoSCHWEIZ 19, Zurich, Switzerland (group exhibition)

2018 Schloss Ludwigsburg (solo exhibition)

2018 Rendez-vous Image, Strasbourg, France (group exhibition)

2017 Friedenskirche Ludwigsburg (solo exhibition)

2017 Rendez-vous Image, Strasbourg, France (group exhibiton)

2016 Stadtarchiv Stuttgart (solo exhibition)

2015 13. Schömberger Fotoherbst (group exhibition)

2015 Evangelischer Kirchentag Stuttgart, Liederhalle (solo exhibition)

2014 Presseclub Nürnberg (group exhibition)

2012 Kunstzentrum Ludwigsburg (group exhibition)

2011 Kunstzentrum Ludwigsburg (group exhibition)

2010 Kunstzentrum Ludwigsburg (group exhibition)